The Proposal

My wonderful fiance proposed to me on 15th August 2016 at the bottom of the Christ Redeemer- on his third attempt!

After I said yes and the celebrations had calmed down I found out that the proposal was actually the third attempt after I had (unknowingly) ruined the first two attempts (oops!).

Last summer we spent three weeks travelling in Brazil and after spending five years talking, planning and dreaming about the holiday we were delighted to make it happen. After the London Olympics we made a pact to go to Rio de Janiero for the 2016 Olympics and after a lot of saving we made it happen! The experience was amazing and we loved every second of our time out there.

On the third day of our holiday- after a late night at the Boxing the day before we decided to go to the Christ Redeemer. It was one of those days where things did not quite go according to plan.

Scan 4

First, we got to the bottom of the mountain and found out there were no trains to the top available for that day so we ended up getting a mini bus to the top. We then had an hour to wait before we could go up to the top so we enjoyed the views and did a little bit of sunbathing. Little did we know that the hour wait was actually a wait to join the queue, the queue which then took us another three hours to get to the front of. It is safe to say that by the time we got to the drop off point at the bottom we were more than a little bit warm!

The place itself was simply amazing. The views were wonderful and I was happily snapping away taking pictures. Little did I know that all this time, Ant (the now fiance!) was walking around with a ring in his pocket. Whilst I was checking out the view Ant wondered off and when he came back, he pulled me right to the bottom of the statue and got down on one knee.

After a beautiful speech (I think! I was too busy crying) Ant asked the question I had been hoping for. It was amazing and Ant had put so much thought into it, getting someone to film the moment and a photographer to capture it forever. Even now I well up thinking about it.

Pretty special day!

The proposal video


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